Team Members:

Courtney McCracken

Raechel Hamilton

Andrei Nemes

David Zhang

Connor Smith

Emily Hannon

Hannah Taylor

Sherlin Ann Varughese

Ramzi Fakhoury

Alice Malik

Kyle Brown

Saumya Madan

Jamie Clifford

Professor Dr. Thomas Strickland

The projected captures the motion marks created from skates on ice. The fluidity of lines extending and merging illustrates a pattern celebrating place. This provided the opportunity to explore wood’s bending capacity. Bent lamination and steam bending procedures were used to maximize the properties of wood. Thus, the design development involved experimentation from lamination to steam bending to soaking wood in hot water.

The main structural ribs were glue-laminated into a specified arch and placed on a fluid floor plate. The cladding wraps on an angle following the fluid forms created by the ribs and floor plan. Throughout the structure, the fluid form allows it to blend in the landscape context.The seating was constructed out of steam bend ash wood strips, to allow for radical bending. Cladded with simple wood strips while exposing the structure of the seating, that flows out of the bent structures. The open form allows for skaters to flow through it, while having the ability to shelter people. The structure stands in the landscape as a station fluid with the formations of the snow.

Ice Stations: Team Thomas Strickland

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