Ice Stations 18: Team Thomas Strickland

The “Isosceles Drift” is a refuge for ice skaters on Ramsey Lake, providing a comfortable seat and protection from the biting winds. It is both designed for and inspired by, the natural phenomena of its environment. Like snow blown by yesterday’s wind, the Isosceles Drift appears fluid, but stands solid, frozen in time. Using a series of triangular trusses radiating out from two rotational axes, a double-curve plan was established. The trusses incrementally tip outwards and decrease in size, and when connected with cladding, produce a complex but consistently tapered inner face. At one end this face stands nearly vertical sheltering skaters from blowing snow. At the other end, it provides seating for several skaters. The semi-enclosed space forms a visually stimulating destination for the community to experience and serve as a catalyst for positive community interaction.

Cassandra Young

Candice Kinnunen

Brett Walter

Chris Johnson

Sydney Sheppard

Nataasha Dixit

Yasmin Sa

Deborah Anne Wilson

Cassandra Young

Candice Kinnunen

Luca Dorigo

Nicolas Martel

Kiana Modeste

Keller Ziesmann

Liam Bursey

Professor: Dr. Thomas Strickland

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