The entire structure can be taken apart and flat packed for easy transportation, taking full advantage of the standardized unit of building material,  the ¾” 4’x8’ plywood sheets. Scraps were used as clips by laminating unused materials and carving them into ‘clips’ which stop passersby from dismantling the structure. Complex geometry was used to create the windows which follow the angle of geometry of the triple lap joint and create a dialogue between the four spaces, two for children and two for adults.

Ice Stations: Team Tammy Gaber

Tammy Gaber’s team was challenged to build a warming hut using only ¾” plywood, as well as no screws, nails or glues in any of the connection. A sacred geometry was an inspiration to the form and the structural capacity of the station. We began with the idea of a structure that looked out from within, this was then achieved structurally by coming up with a unique joinery, the triple lap joint, a central intersection of the planes of plywood.

:Team Members


Tyler MacDonald, Josie Li, Adrian Hutchinson, Ashley Sloot, Jacob Zoldy, Maria Zakharova, Mark Alakas, Rachel Sheppard, Rebecca Armstrong, Rohandip Singh, Janea Rodrigues, Michael Castracane, Michelle O’Leary, Erica Gomirato

Professor Dr. Tammy Gaber

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