Copper Cliff Play Day 18: Team Robin Dupuis

Our main focus for this installation was to have a sense of finality since it was the last station in the children’s croquet game. Our installation was attached to a large tree which signified the final steak at the end of the game. We decided to create a cool down station by attaching strips of colourful tool to create a feeling of an enclosed space. We also created plywood seating inside the installation which invited children and their parents to sit and reflect on their journey through the days activities.

Laura Auchinleck

Jocelyn Bassel

Veronique Beaudry

Maxine Berube

Darius Ghorbani

Brianna Lafreniere

Natasha Mickovski

Britney Ottley-Perrotte

Alain Roy

Jeremy St-Pierre

Gowrishankar Uthayashankar

Professor: Robin Dupuis

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