Ice Stations 18: Team Randall Kober

The project concept evolved from the exploration and research of prototyping, repetition and bending of wood. Explorations of prototyping initiated the design development by using thin wood, twine and milk-based glue in forming the structure. Experiments of forms achieved by the thin wood were circles, oval that lead to the lens shape. The concept of one wall verse two and their interaction vertically and horizontally was studied. The concept of two walls emerging from the ice and meeting at the top evolved. This concept allowed for a unique experience of passing through it. The resulting structure acts as a sculpture and work of art in the landscape that allows for skating circulation.

Reese Babock
Noah Preiano
Catherine Daigle
Casey Ouellette
Elizabeth Gendreau
Thomas Vanderkruk
Drew Howlett
Emma Watkinson
Jordan Burkit
Yinyu Chen
Andrew Dolomount
Saba Ali
Lejia Sejdinovic
Bruno Battiston


Professor: Randall Kober

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