Kevin Kennedy-Dew, Aidan Lucas, Maeve Macdonald, Carolina Hanley

A short film set to the song "Tailwhip" by the Montreal-based band Men I Trust and featuring a poem written my Maeve Macdonald. This film was conceived as a way for the four of us to visually encapsulate the whirlwind of experiences, feelings, and knowledge that we've encountered in our first two years in this strange city.  All four of us are from Southern Ontario and had never been to this city before we began our studies here, because of this our view of the city is constantly evolving. Sudbury is a microcosm of the war of nature vs. industry, but it is also a being "repainted" by a new generation - one that every student at out school is part of.

WINNER JURY AWARD - McEwen School of Architecture Nuit Blanche 2018

Painting a city, shaping a city and embracing a city not familiar, almost unknown. After three years observing, listening and feeling the positive change occurring.. it suddenly becomes a home.

Sudbury, a unique landscape bridging the divide between nature and industry. We’re painting and highlighting some hidden beauty. A place for opportunity and time to breathe.

New faces, new people, new perspectives combine to create one creative changing space becoming more unified and sublime.

Sudbury, a collection of colours that unite to form a complex art piece. Ideas and opportunities supported by a strong sense of community.

What was once unknown, now familiar with each re-occurring sunrise and sunset. As we wander further with our creative minds, each stroke of a paintbrush becomes brighter with every step.


-Maeve Macdonald


Jaajoki (frozen river) is meant to mimic the fluidity of water through the manipulation of acrylic sheets. Placed to invite an exploration of the curved surfaces, the frosted finish coupled with LED lighting creates a diluted glow to capture a moment in time.

WINNER COMMUNITY AWARD - McEwen School of Architecture Nuit Blanche 2018

Team members:

Braeden Martel

Harrison Lane

Andrei Nemes


Fibre Wall was influenced by our Nuit Blanche 2017 installation, Aperture. Fibre Wall took the use of string, colour, and perspective from Aperture, but instead of being contained in hexagon frames, the string’s boundaries were expanded to flowing, wall-like frames to create a more interactive and larger scale experience. The project purposefully gave a nod to the beautiful nature of modern fibre art, and how up until recently, it was considered to be women’s work instead of an artistic medium.

Team members:

Breana Chabot

Hanna Reddering

Jayden Daoust


This installation is an exploration of colour and form through the repetition of thread. The layering of 23,800 meters of thread, using primary and secondary colours, creates the illusion of a smooth gradient of many different colours. The vertical stretch of thread between two oval rings creates depth, which will change the colours of the installation depending on the position of the viewer.

Team members:

Vennice de Guzman

Brooke Fecteau

Kristina Hakala

Andrew Watt

Max Vos Coupal

Kieran Mortimer

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