Sem Parti Fos draws from the geometric qualities that represent themselves in natural formations. These are particularly evident in basalt rock formations, which many of the group members took inspiration from on their trip to Iceland the previous year. As a result, the design creates both chaotic and regimented forms in its organic shape and develops spaces for individuals to explore as they maneuver the complex geometries.


Inspired by the work of Olafur Eliasson, our installation played with light, colour, time, and one’s interaction with these elements. We wanted to catch peoples’ eyes with changing colours and shadows as they moved through the space. If a person were intrigued by this installation, then they would stop for a moment and interact with the lights and study how their relationship with the lights will change the colour of their shadow.


The location of the installation was a narrow hallway so the lights on one side of the hallway would clearly project colour onto the opposite wall. Three LED spotlights were mounted onto frames in the window panes of the hallway. We used four of these windows so we will have four sets of 3 lights which will be primary colours, red, yellow and blue.


Aperture was an installation created for the McEwen School of Architecture’s arts festival, Nuit Blanche. Originally inspired by the aperture of a camera, this installation plays with colour, string, hexagonal shapes, and perspective. The project purposefully gives a nod to the beautiful nature of modern fibre art, a medium that wasn’t actually considered art until recently.

Team members:

Breana Chabot

Mike Letros

Hanna Reddering

Team members:

Derrick Pilon

Marina Schwellnus

Matt Hunter

Henry Dyck

Marie Jankovich

Angela Purdue

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