The Production HUB

This Production HUB is where goods from outside the community come in contact with locally harvested goods [such as trees and clay] to produce the required items for building production [such as rammed earth and CLT]. The production process for buildings should include local trades and persons interested in community building, to increase the community capacity and lessen building cost.

Project by Henry Dyck

Professor Jake Chakasim

MoCreebec’s Wellness Centre

The wellness centre provides therapeutic services for youth aggression and substance abusers. The exponential increase of technology  use exposes children more to westernized lifestyles, and the lack of representation in media is giving rise to aggression and drug abuse as a coping mechanism, The treatment centre aims to house a National Native Alcohol and Drub Program for children between ages of 10-18.

Project by Michelle Philip

Professor Jake Chakasim


New Mexico

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