Inhabitable Wall

Molten Oasis

The intent of our inhabitable wall is to create an experience that allows concrete to feel comfortable and inviting. By using layered wood panels, we enhance the depth of the wall and vary the lighting patterns allowing for a more engaging space. Through material exploration we found a duality between wood and concrete and we decided to reverse and juxtapose their material properties. Here they rely on each other and participate in the experience together. As well, by exploring the potential of 'spilling' the concrete out of the rigid wood panels, we encourage people to go inside - to explore the cave-like experience. To manipulate the free flow of the concrete, we used wire framing and poured different consistencies in layers. This way, we were able to contain it through its material properties alone. Overall, Molten Oasis allows for a relaxing introduction into the spaces that act as a buffer between nature and the built environment.

Team Members:

Yasmine Abou-Rabia, Bryce Jaekel, Tiffany Membrere

Pi Wall

Everyone perceives our world in a different way. The critical message embedded in our wall, plays off of those different perceptions and worldviews, a metaphorical representation of how we might realize a compassionate and holistic understanding of others morals and beliefs. In that no one person necessarily has the right or wrong answer, simply everyone has something to offer or teach because although we inhabit the same space we all exist in our own world before others.

Team Members:

Shayne Bol, Frank Zhou, Benoit Lachapelle


This project explored the concept of dichotomy, a “division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different”. This idea heavily influenced our design as well as the material choice. Focusing on materiality, lighting, programming and space. With materials, we wanted to focus on the notion of natural versus industrial, by the use of branches and twigs in contrast to epoxy resin. Through the materials, we were able to introduce the concept of lighting and the idea of dark versus light. Users would be able to travel through the wall, experiencing the dark enclosed wooded area and eventually make their way to the bright open space created by the transparency of epoxy resin. As a result, using dichotomy elements to show the beauty of how everything can begin to work together to create something unique.

Team Members:

 Sarah Cen, Suleman Khan & Blake Mason

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