Dinkelsbühl Workshop

The Dinkelsbühl Workshop offers students the opportunity to practice hands-on woodworking while incorporating architecture studies.Offered to second year architecture students to live, design, build and travel in the month of May. Hands on experience is the core of the curriculum at McEwen School of Architecture, this trip is one of the assets towards the development of this skill. The workshop offers students to get a hands-on experience on woodworking through craftsmanship. The group consisting of men and women work and travel together throughout the month of May. Carpentry and design projects are executed by students under Professor Randall’s mentorship. However, the students collaborate with local craftsmen, stone masons, carpenters, architects and clients.

Exercises and projects that have been performed over the years include: building timber frame shed, case studies on historical local wood construction procedures, reprogramming historical roof systems, wooden and concrete stairwells, and schematic designs for garden house.Thus, students have the opportunity for hands on experience with wood construction, learning the intricacies of timber framing. Wood being major material studies at McEwen School of Architecture, with this workshop students experience a practical exploration of wood as a building material and its properties on a 1:1 scale.

The architectural drawing and model making is also practiced during studies and schematic designs, to allow students to place themselves in site with the site typology. Ultimately, students have the opportunity to engage with theoretical and practical aspects of building in historical context. Additionally, students travel with professor Randal to various other European countries to study the different approaches of wood and design. Countries like Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

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