First Year Projects

Exploring the process of design by creating a series of models and drawings for a hypothetical live/work space. This design was created and styled for a client with the specific background as an Astrophysicist. The space is divided into 3 stacked programs allowing the form of the structure to follow the vertical axis. Four cardinal windows provide light to all three levels but also guide the eye, along with the vertically oriented CLT interior, upwards, past the skylight, and into the celestial.

Harrison Lane

The sauna was an exploration of material and spatial atmospheric composition. The movement through the space is encapsulated with a difference experience, mimicking the use of the space. The heavy charred timber is meant to mimic the Sudbury’s rock presence. Situated in the landscape to allow for solitude while complementing the landscape.

Muskan Goel

The gallery is an exploration of light, shadow and reflections. The placement of the gallery in the center of the waterbody demarcates a separate world of imagination from the ordinary one. The waterbody, the simple rectangular shape and the dynamic façade form an architectural dialogue.

The placement of the gallery was located to celebrate and form a relationship with the powerful presence of the rock. The main design feature is the channel glass wall that wraps around the rock feature on the south side. Series of clear and semi-transparent panels curate and choreograph the experience of a visitor. The west wall features a water fall where water collection from the roof will cascade down on the corten steel shelf and flow into a storm water management feature.

Jonathan Kabumbe

Cette résidence tente de symbolisé le jardin à l'infini. Un paradis vert qui s'expose sur un jeu entre la modularité et les niveaux de la structure. Le site comportant déjà un jardin à conduit à une vision, qui n'est autre que l'invasion, aussi bien qu'externe qu'interne, de la nature sur la maison.

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