From Dinkelsbühl to Helsinki

As the nine of us arrived in Dinkelsbühl after a 6 hour flight and a long day of train rides, we were soon introduced to the Bavarian landscape and culture, completely new to us. Having learned about traditional European Architecture in Sacred Places, Design Studio, and Structures I, seeing it in person was an eye opening experience.


We started off our two week design-build working in a barn in the town center of Dinkelsbühl. One group of three aided Manfred in continuing to build the formwork for a concrete staircase that was previously started in years past. The other six of us worked in the back courtyard designing a one-to-one model of a door frame for a future store.


After our first week of work, we travelled to Vrin, Switzerland, a small Swiss town located in the Alps. While there we travelled to Peter Zumthor’s Thermal Baths in Vals. The following day we hiked through the Alps, led by Randall, and met with Swiss architect Gion Caminada where he discussed traditional Swiss architecture and the importance of using local materials.


Travelling to and from Vrin we had the opportunity to stop in cities within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and experience the difference in architecture and culture between stops.


Once we returned to Dinkelsbühl, a group of two continued to aid Manfred in building the stairs formwork, and a group of three worked with Randall and Manfred replacing an old column in the barn. The final group of four worked on scaled drawings of a six-hundred year-old door frame.


After our two weeks of design build work, the group travelled to Helsinki where we met up with the group of six that were travelling to Bergen for the International Wood Festival.

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Livingston Boyd

Emmalyn Bugaliski

Michael Castracane

Raechel Hamilton

Brianna Lafrenière

Bryan Lusk

Courtney McCracken

Connor Smith

Sarah Wetteskind

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