Ice Stations: Team Izabel Amaral

The project’s initial purpose was the ability to change locations throughout the
ice-hut installation on Ramsey Lake. The structure was composed of six individual chairs that had a trapezoid base in order to be moved around and conjoined to make a semi-circle if wanted. As inorganic does the project appear, its program aimed to incorporate the structure into nature not as an installation but as a correspondence to its surrounding and interactions with the people who made use of it.


Because of its trapezoid base design and the exponential rise of the backrest, each chair was composed of twenty-two different lap joints that needed to be carefully crafted in order to maintain a uniform shape throughout the structure. The bench was composed of six 2x2 pieces with a 2inch gap in between each in order to allow the snow pass through the structure instead of it accumulating on the seating area.

:Team Members:


Laura Auchinleck, Jocelyn Bassel, Veronique Beaudry, Maxine Berube, Malika Dibi N’guettia, Michael Ferraro,  Darius Ghorbani, Brianna Lafreniere, Natasha Mickovski, Courtney Pelletier, Alain Roy, Ivan Samoylenko, Jeremy St-Pierre, Gowrishankar Uthayashankar,

Professor Izabel Amaral

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