Birch Bark Canoe

The birch bark canoe was the principal means of water transportation designed and used by indigenous peoples. Once the voyageours landed in North America, the canoes started to be used extensively in the fur trade. The Canoes proved to be imperative for the success of the fur trade due to the canoes being the only watercraft suitable. Their light, and sustainable properties allowed them to grow and become the main shallow water method of transport in North America.

Each material used in the birch bark canoe comes from mother earth in it’s most natural form. The materials used in a birch bark canoe are thoughtfully sourced, choosing materials based on their properties, learned through generations of peoples, passed on through stories. 

The end of the canoe building process is bitter sweet. A beautiful canoe representing
weeks of hard work presents itself before you. Ready to be returned to nature in a new way. Materials that grew through water, now hold life on water. The patience learned through the canoe building process, will now be built upon through the experience of paddling the canoe


.A special thank you to Marc and Marcel Labelle for teaching us about their culture, and as a result, about ourselves.

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