Ice Stations: Team Mark Baechler

The design began in the school workshop, where we were tasked with designing a joint that would allow for 2x2 lumber to evolve into a structure. The concepts of sustainability and horizontal interruption informed the joinery of 2x2’s using two jute twine connections. The joint allowed for 2x2’s to be staggered and attain a maximum height just over 14 feet. Explorations of form then followed with the group visualizing a vertical interruption using a rolled sheet of paper. When the roll was held up, the paper folded in on itself revealing an entrance. The group continued to explore with this idea of a continuous ribbon that would fold in on itself to reveal an entrance.

Studio groups were tasked with each designing and building an ice station that would provide seating and shelter from the harsh elements on Lake Ramsey.


Studio Professor Mark Baechler challenged his group to design and build an ice station using solely 2x2 lumber. After reading an assigned essay on sustainable architecture, the studio group committed to designing a sustainable project that could be disassembled and the materials reused in later projects. Upon a site visit, the team determined that a structure that would interrupt the overwhelmingly horizontal landscape would prove an interesting challenge.

The ice station was designed with the experience of each step of approach in mind. From afar, the horizon is interrupted by a tall wooden structure, on approach the fluid design can be seen. The ribbon of wood folds over itself revealing an entrance as you continue to approach. The structures fold prompts one to duck slightly as they enter through the 7 foot opening, marking the transition from the skating path to the ice station. Once inside the ice station, the tall continuous wall influences one to look up at the sky, giving the user a break from the landscape. The staggered pieces construct a north facing wall to protect the occupants from the harsh winter wind, providing a space to warm up and relax, before setting back out on the path.

:Team Members:

Shanglan Shi

Xiao Tong

Samantha Casola

Nyna Hua

Erica Neo

Layla Murad

Braeden Martel

Bryan Lusk

Steven Enns

Caleb Culmone

Pagmeet Cheema

Daniel Rodriguez

Gabriel Fenn

Monica Yacoub

Maxwell Funk

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